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My New Merch

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Here's how it works...

Link to your website, share on social media or invite visitors personally.

When you send your supporters to, they'll browse images of your custom printed merchandise.

When they place an order at your online store, we handle receiving the payments, producing the items and shipping directly to them. That's it!

Traditional Fundraising is Hard. We make it easy.

All you have to do is send your supporters to our website. It really is that easy!

We'll even provide reminder cards with the website information.

You can set a deadline/limited time to order or it can be a continuous ordering process.

We basically pay you a royalty fee for the use of your design on our items.

For example: Through, a T-shirt with YOUR DESIGN may cost $20.

When your supporters purchase a shirt, you receive 25%. So, if 50 shirts are sold, you receive $250.

You spend zero time, zero dollars and have zero stress!

 To cover the creation of your own store page including the PayPal/Credit Card Service, there is a one time set up fee of $30 for each style/design you want to offer. But even the set up fee isn't paid by you! This fee is taken directly from the initial purchases until the $30 is reached, then you will start receiving checks or PayPal transfers according to the number of purchases you generate. is A GREAT WAY TO HAVE A FUNDRAISER!

• You don't have to manage anything. We do it all.

• You don't have to provide designs. We design and get approval from you for any items to be sold.

• You don't have to distribute order forms. We make it easy for people to go directly to our site and see exactly what they want.

• You don't have to handle any cash. We accept secure sales with PayPal or credit card.

• You don't have to deliver any products. We ship directly to them within three business days and handle any mistakes.

• You don't have to reorder or keep any extra items on hand. We keep items in stock and ready to ship at all times.

• Plus your organization will raise money!


For an innovative and easy is the answer you've been looking for.

Contact us today!